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Kindled Embers | review | BookNook Bits

'I read this in one sitting, and I really loved the whole story. Eliza is such a great character, and oh my goodness I loved the queen.' (Excerpt from Aria's Goodreads review)

For Aria's full review of KINDLED EMBERS, check out the link below:

Thank you @BookNoookBits for the review!

'I loved Eliza so, so much. She is an excellent protagonist, and is always very entertaining. I thought that her character was very well developed, and most importantly, she was very much a 12 year old girl.' (Excerpt from 'Book Nook Bits' review)

And here's the beautiful spotlight Instagram post that accompanied the review:

'Without any spoilers, the ending was hilarious[…] and something that I did not at all see coming.' (Excerpt from 'Book Nook Bits' review)


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