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Inspired by characters from the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, such as the Tin Soldier, the Little Mermaid, the Old House, the Little Matchgirl, the Emperor's New Clothes, the Nightingale, and the Snow Queen, the stories in The Dryad's Cede series can be read in any order, though I recommend Kindled Embers, Spring Tyde, and lastly Feather Frost.
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When the Royal Pearl is stolen from the Palace, Eliza's foster father becomes the main suspect. The police assume the verse left behind is the thief's calling card, but Eliza believes it may be a riddle. The two embark on an adventure to clear his name, where Eliza proves to him just how resourceful a twelve-year-old girl can be.
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- 2020 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist -
- B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree -

'There are hints of romance [...], moments to sigh with sadness,

giggle at the humor, and slide to the edge of the seat in anticipation. 

In other words, it's a tale worth reading.'

(Excerpt from 'Bookworm for Kids' review)

'I read this in one sitting, and I really loved the whole story.'


'I loved Eliza so, so much. She is an excellent protagonist, and is always very entertaining.

I thought that her character was very well developed, and most importantly,

she was very much a 12 year old girl.'


'Without any spoilers, the ending was hilarious[…]

and something that I did not at all see coming.'

(Excerpts from 'Book Nook Bits' review)

'…A delightful middle grade story with fairy tale themes woven throughout.

Set in a kingdom of the past, Eliza is a strong character readers will cheer along on her quest.'

(Excerpt from Alaina's Goodreads review)

'I highly recommend this book!'


'KINDLED EMBERS is a cute, fun story,

but it also brought up a significant of moral issues and lessons.'


'Eliza reminds me of myself at that age,

always curious, enthusiastic, and determined.

The plot was not predictable,

and I was surprised and satisfied at the end.'

(Excerpts from 'Pages for Thoughts' review)

Some 400 years before Eliza's adventures comes the short story that led to the legend of the Dryad's Cede.
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Chastain is a dryad who has spent decades alone in the meadow where her chestnut tree grows. When Freddie stumbles across the meadow one day, an unexpected friendship develops between the lonely dryad and the ten-year-old little prince.

spring tYde



When Prince Anders disappears from the Palace in very mysterious circumstances, his childhood friend Eliza suspects there may be truth in the myths and legends of the land. The decision to test her theories results in a test of her own strengths, and in searching for the missing Prince she finds answers to questions about her own past.
Paperback available now.
Kindle edition available now.

'Several myths and well-known fairy tales skip and twist in unexpected ways

to create an exciting take with wonderful characters.' 


''It's fun to see these well known characters go in new and yet familiar directions,

and form their very own legends and myths along the way.

Anyone who enjoys retellings is going to enjoy this trilogy

because it packs tons of lovely surprises.'


'I was surprised how quickly I was caught up in the tale,

and it was very hard to make myself put it down.'

(Excerpt from 'Bookworm for Kids' review)

'An exciting adventure story for 10-13 year olds

with a strong element of myths, legends - and ice!'


'My girl seemed to generally enjoy the book.

In fact, she even stayed up late to finish it on her laptop!'


The strong female lead is a big plus on this fairy tale-style story.

I suspect most 10-13 year olds would enjoy this.

There's adventure and a strong element of mystery.'

(Excerpts from 'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards' feedback)