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Papercut Cards | the Dryad's Cede collection

The characters in The Dryad's Cede were inspired by the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Having started paper cutting during an exploration of what the book covers could look like, I decided to attempt to create a paper cut representation for some of Andersen's tales.

With The Tin Soldier and The Little Match Girl already checked off the list (they feature on the cover of Kindled Embers), I wanted to try designing some home-made cards, starting with the design of a rose. The tale it stems from (pun intended!) is called Grandmother, portrayed in Kindled Embers by the character Old Miss Riborg. It is a touching short story peppered with flashbacks of young love, and a token of that time takes the shape of a pressed rose, hidden away in a hymn book.

The rose card came out quite nice and so I proceeded to doing a snowflake one (The Snow Queen), one with a tree (The Dryad), and one with a shell. There's also one of a boat (an alternate to The Tin Soldier) and one of an umbrella that has a moon shape, intended as the umbrella of Ole Luk'Oi, the grandfather of dreams, who makes an appearance in Feather Frost.

I seem to have discovered a new hobby :-)


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