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Feather Frost | review | BookNook Bits

'In Feather Frost, a reader fan of Hans Christian Andersen would find many familiar pieces of stories.' (Excerpt from 'Book Nook Bits' review)

'The plot is also quite unique, and very entertaining! I read most of the book in one sitting, not wanting to stop for one moment.' (Excerpt from 'Book Nook Bits' review)

For Aria's full review of FEATHER FROST, check out the link below:

'I really enjoyed the writing! It is clear, descriptive, and is perfect for young readers who love fairy tales. It’s definitely not only for younger kids though: I think that any older teen or adult reading would enjoy it. ' (Excerpt from 'Book Nook Bits' review)

And here's the lovely spotlight Instagram post that accompanied the review:

'I liked how much of it was focused on Eliza, and her past. It was so wonderful to get to learn more about her, something I’d been wanting since I read the first book!' (Excerpt from 'Book Nook Bits' review)

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