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Papercut | Kindled Embers | Tin Soldier

Hans Christian Andersen is best known for his fairy tales, but he was also very talented at paper-cutting. While researching the author for my book series, I came across frequent mention of his skill with scissors, and samples of his intricate designs.

I decided to give a modernised take on paper-cutting a go myself, and since the stories in THE DRYAD'S CEDE series are inspired by the characters from Andersen's fairy tale classics, it felt right to somehow connect this lesser known skill of his with the cover designs of the series, as a subtle homage to the author.

The book cover of KINDLED EMBERS shows a scene from Andersen's TIN SOLDIER, on which I loosely based the characters Jonas and Louise in my story. The paper-cut concept itself is my own, the design and details elevated by Max Behrens.

The first instalment of The Dryad's Cede is now available as a paperback & kindle on Amazon.


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