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Papercut | Spring Tyde | The Dryad

Chastain is a dryad who has spent decades alone in the meadow where her chestnut tree grows. When Freddie stumbles across the meadow one day, an unexpected friendship develops between the lonely dryad and the ten-year-old little prince.

Since the stories in THE DRYAD'S CEDE series are inspired by the characters from Andersen's fairy tale classics, and Andersen was very talented paper-cutting, it felt right to somehow connect this lesser known skill of his with the cover designs of the series, as a subtle homage to the author.

The book cover of SPRING TYDE, a short-story prequel to KINDLED EMBERS that takes place some 400 years before Eliza's adventures, shows a scene from Andersen's THE DRYAD, on which I based the character Chastain in my story.

This paper-cut was designed by Max Behrens.

SPRING TYDE is available as a kindle on Amazon, and coming as a paperback on 01-Aug 2020.

KINDLED EMBERS - the first instalment of The Dryad's Cede - is now available as a paperback & kindle on Amazon.


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