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Papercut | Spring Tyde | The Pearl Fairy

The book back of SPRING TYDE shows a paper cut inspired by one of Hans Christian Andersen's lesser known fairy tales, THE PEARL FALRY.

“There is a legend about a fairy who transforms a dying person’s last teardrop into a pearl. She then gives this pearl to the person the dying individual loved the most. The fairy’s power transforms all those feelings that are released in that one final tear into something the person left behind can hold on to.” (Excerpt from SPRING TYDE)

SPRING TYDE - the short story prequel in The Dryad's Cede - is now available as a paperback & kindle on Amazon.

Chastain is a dryad who has spent decades alone in the meadow where her chestnut tree grows. When Freddie stumbles across the meadow one day, an unexpected friendship develops between the lonely dryad and the ten-year-old little prince.

KINDLED EMBERS is the first instalment of The Dryad's Cede, available as a paperback & kindle on Amazon.


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