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Feather Frost | review | Bookworm for Kids

'Several myths and well-known fairy tales skip and twist in unexpected ways to create an exciting take with wonderful characters.' (Excerpt from 'Bookworm for Kids' review)

For Tonja Drecker's full review of FEATHER FROST, check out the link below:

Thanks @BookwormforKids for the review!

'It's fun to see these well known characters go in new and yet familiar directions, and form their very own legends and myths along the way. Anyone who enjoys retellings is going to enjoy this trilogy because it packs tons of lovely surprises.' (Excerpt from 'Bookworm for Kids' review)

FEATHER FROST is available as a paperback & kindle on Amazon.

'I was surprised how quickly I was caught up in the tale, and it was very hard to make myself put it down.' (Excerpt from 'Bookworm for Kids' review)


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